Hawaii Bakery & Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd
6, Jalan Tenggiri,
Sungai Rengit,
81620 Pengerang,
Johor, Malaysia.
 [email protected]
9 & 11, Jalan Jaya Gading 2,
25000 Kuantan,
Pahang, Malaysia.
 [email protected]

About Us

Operating from a small shop lot in Johor Bahru with only 12 workers, Hawaii Bakery started its operation in 1984 in a modest way. Producing a mere 200 kilos of bread per day and confining to fewer than 10 product lines, the operation was labor intensive and slow. However, the Management was determined, far-sighted and gradually the “Hawaii” brand was built up and the operation rapidly expanded. In 1990 the bakery was relocated to a one-acre site in Sg. Rengit, Johor. On 24th July, 1990, Hawaii Bakery was upgraded to a private limited company in line with its future plan. The company underwent a rigorous management re-organization in early 2000, focusing on effective management, plant automation, and production of high quality products, stringent quality control, result-oriented sales management, computerization and IT support.

After 30 years, the company, which is system-driven, well equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and manned by a well trained work force, supplies 17 tons of bread and cakes daily to the Malaysian market as well as Singapore. The company’s wide product range of 64 product lines as compared to less than 10 when it was incepted and its present employment of 200 workers, which is an 8-fold increase in the workforce, marked a new milestone in the transformed Hawaii Bakery.

Recognizing innovation and producing quality products as its engine of growth, the company emphasizes on active R & D, including product improvement and new products development as on-going activities, to sustain its continuous expansion into the future. It is the company’s goal to be a leading bakery in Malaysia and to expand to the ASEAN region, including China in the near future.


Every day, there are about 200 people are working in this company. While 100 people are working in Sungait Rengit’s headquarter and 50 people are working in Kuantan’s branch, there are about 60 salespeople are servicing for our 8 covered area.


Every day, both of the factories are producing about 60 types of bread for all of the market.

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